Tuesday, March 24, 2015

fillings, cows, trees, chickens, and roads

you just never know what will happen in a day.  

will your kid's filling fall out?  

will you look a cow in the eye?

will you see last year's christmas tree in the field with the cow?

will chickens cross the road right before your very eye? 

the cow:

i love this little guy.  he came right up to me on my way home from the grocery store and i vowed to eat less red meat.

the tree:

there's a christmas tree in the corner of this field.  it could be ours.  greg tried sneaking ours out one day on his way to the grocery store.  henry'd become fairly attached to it sitting out there on our porch for two months and he protested when he saw greg ride away with it on the back of the burley.

the boy:

feather in the cap...

stop #1...

stop #2... completely orchestrated...

the chickens:

caught on film!  the chicken crossing the road.  henry and i were really excited about this. (william was at a friend's house.)

the filling:

and yes... tonight, the little boy lost the filling we went to so much trouble to get him in the u.s. the dentist warned us it might fall out as he wasn't sitting still by the end.  fortunately, he has a dentist's appointment scheduled for friday.  (by the way, we've no idea how he lost it.  (or where it is now.) playing upstairs with other kids in the common house after dinner.  i guess no more explanation necessary.)

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