Saturday, March 21, 2015

thirsty scavengers

our morning:

our afternoon:

folding that laundry in the background and hanging up the new load.

and driving... where?  to the mall.  when you've been given the keys to a car for the weekend isn't the mall the first place you think to go?  well... maybe not.  there were a couple reasons-- first, to take a suitcase to be repaired after one of the handles broke somewhere between phoenix and copenhagen on my recent trip to the u.s., and two, because we have committed ourselves to the very ambitious (for us) plan of holding a birthday party for william at the common house for his entire class, and we needed decorations.  also, it's a cold and rainy day.  we probably weren't going to spend it driving to old trees on this day.

our evening:

roasting peppers (me)

grating a lime into yesterday's lemonade (henry and william)

making dinner (me); assisting (greg); eating (all)

movie night with popcorn (aristocats)

captain underpants (greg, william, and henry)

sitting at a foldout picnic table with spotted handkerchiefs and plastic cups of coke, outside our house (guy with the headlamp)

running to the picnic table and drinking the cokes and presumably taking the handkerchiefs to the next "stop" (what seemed like an entire 7th grade class on a scavenger hunt)

confused as you are (all of us)


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