Saturday, March 7, 2015

today's no exception

this weekend is reminding me why i stopped posting everyday.  when you have kids, it's a little gift to be awake after they go to sleep.  so i want to make these weekend posts quick, but i don't want to not do them.  because unfortunately, although i'm fairly good at sticking to a rule i make for myself, as soon as i start making exceptions, it's not long before the exception becomes the rule.  so if i tell myself i will post every day, then, at least as long as i can keep it up, i'll do it.  but once i start making a little leeway for myself, the posts just start dwindling away.  so i know you don't need to read me talk about nothing every day of the week, but if i want to have this blog at all, i need to put a little something up every day.

so here's my little something today...

i spent a lot of time at the kitchen table playing uno.  william beat me by 129 points tonight.

i spent a little of the day inside a couch fort henry built for me.

we read the first chapter of 'the neverending story' tonight.  greg, who was reading 'treasure island' to the boys, said it was a little hard to understand and henry wasn't really making it easy for anyone to concentrate.  it's supposed to be a really beautiful day tomorrow (53 degrees f) so we won't be spending it in a movie theater watching the royal theatre's production of it anyway.  if all goes as planned we'll be touring about an old, tumble-down castle, and i will be hoping the forecast keeps its promise.

this is about the time of year when the u.s. (midwest, east coast) starts to catch up to us temperature-wise and then swiftly takes the lead.  we'll steadily hang out in the 40's and 50's much longer than feels necessary.

a perpetual early spring.


Judy said...

I had no idea that there was a point system for Uno.

nina said...

No, it's like this: we catch up to you, we fall behind; we catch up again, then fall behind; finally, in May, we catch up and surge ahead. But you really do have a longer spring. Ours is always comingled with winter, then with summer.

On the subject of posting, I always think there is an easy way out for those who want to post daily but don't always have the time for it: pick a photo, give it a caption and boom! You're done until the next day!

But, your words are always wonderful, so your keeping to the rule (of one per day) is just great!

greg|regan said...

Judy-- Yes, the person who wins gets the total points left in the remaining hands. I think the idea is to get up to 500 points and the special cards count more (20 and 50 points depending).

Nina-- I don't know... well, let's see how it goes. You're definitely pulling ahead of us this week, though we both have it pretty good. We have a longer early springtime I'd say. And a longer late-fall.

I agree-- a picture is always easy, always nice. I just didn't have my camera with me at posting time for this post. So you'll see I put my picture up the next day. =)