Friday, March 13, 2015


today was the day when:

henry stayed home.  i beat him in uno.  he beat me in candy land.

we took care of the neighbor's dog.

we got on the bus and rode three stops to "the restaurant by the old grocery store" (i.e. the shawarma/pizza place we go to occasionally where we are generally the only non-employees there during the lunch hour)

we shared falafel and french fries

it was also the day when william rode home by himself for the first time.  his after-school teachers were to tell him when it was time to go (the agreed upon time), so around that time i started checking the online site to see if he'd checked out.  after about twenty minutes i went to my phone to call and check on things, when my phone rang and it was one of the after-school teachers saying something (in danish) about him disappearing for a little while but they'd found him and so he was on his way.  i'm sure he actually gave lots of details over the phone explaining the situation but all i could catch were the words for "disappeared" and "found" and then i clarified that he was in fact on his way.  fine.  no problem.  in denmark, you just don't freak out about those things.  (and i'm actually sure he didn't disappear from the school, only that they weren't sure where on the school grounds he was... you really can wander around there for a good 20 minutes sometimes looking for your kid.)

then, a rare friday night meal at the common house and socializing and lots of extra playtime for the boys, so now we have a very tired family.  but a weekend ahead of us to recover.

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nina said...

I love that it's okay to occasionally just disappear. I don't know, it just seems so normal.

I suppose once you plant a smart phone on him, he can go by himself lots of places and you can follow along...

Glad, too, that you had time to socialize. With a bit of English,I hope?