Friday, March 27, 2015

party time

this moment with henry on his way to the dentist (who told us for not the first time they don't fill cavities in baby teeth in denmark, but who i thought was maybe kidding but who was apparently not because she did see the cavernous gap (which we promptly filled with sugar today) in henry's front teeth and still said they don't put fillings in baby teeth in denmark.  so there you have it.  apparently you don't need to fill cavities in baby teeth.  it's just one big dental conspiracy in the u.s.)... anyway, this moment, where we still thought maybe we'd be holding him down in the dentist's chair while they made him increasingly angrier, this moment where we stopped so he could watch the construction... it feels like days ago now... 

even this moment when we were back at home filling 85 easter eggs with candy...

seems like long ago.

w's party.  3 kids cancelled due to illness, which left us with twenty children from his class.  
as simple as it was (popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, carrots, cucumbers, and lemonade) it was certainly pushing our party work limits.

maybe because we had to pick up all the kids from school and try to safely guide them to our house on their bicycles.  i swear greg and i did a head count at least three times after we were all inside, just to make sure none had veered off course without our knowing.  

in denmark, presents always come first at a kid's birthday party

 then cake.  here is william's cake.  made completely of fruit.  courtesy (along with the photo that i stole off facebook) of our amazingly talented friend emily.
because you don't want to know what it would have looked liked had i tried attempting something like this myself.

one of the girls told me, 'the cake was the yummiest part.  not the candy.'  they were all about the fruit cake.  another girl gave such a sad look when greg started to disassemble it and cut the watermelon into pieces.  (how was there even a watermelon in denmark in march?  who knows.)

after cake was the easter egg hunt.  with twenty-some kids it takes only a few minutes to find 85 eggs hidden out amongst the trees on a gray, rainy day.  maybe the bright colors stood out more than usual.  and that was the last planned activity for the day... so it was pretty much free play/survival time for the last hour and fifteen minutes.

and we all seemed to have survived.

greg and i cleaned up the common house and then had emily and family over for dinner-- pizza and salad and, as henry called them, pupcakes (like, really, really good pupcakes) from emily!

and then there were plenty of tears as the boys broke down before finally succumbing to sleep/sugar crash around 9:45.

but tomorrow is a saturday.  the next day is a sunday.  and the next eight days after that are easter vacation.  so... it's all under control.

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nina said...

Two things I found tough in raising kids: dealing with their illnesses and putting on good birthday parties. Congrats on yours -- it seems terrific!