Monday, March 23, 2015

health and taxes

just one picture today-- of the juicing box i've been getting each week.  part of my plan to get healthy.

and i did my (day two of) yoga this morning.

and started our 2014 taxes.  i only had a couple hours to work on them and i tell you, it takes at least one of those hours just to get your bearings.  at least when you're doing them as someone living outside the country.  suffice it to say, i didn't get very far.

as i rode to pick up the boys, the wind gave me my second workout.  it is so very windy this spring. and then i pulled henry and william's friend home in the burley for workout number three.  let me tell you.  my arms and legs are sore.  they're sore on an ordinary day!  so they're three times as sore today.  but that's a good thing!


nina said...

Are they packaged for juice? I always wondered if it isn't better just to eat the darn things! Is juice better? I know nothing about juicing. Love the feel of food in my mouth. Even broccoli.

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

This box is specifically packaged for making juices. They sell other boxes (see my FB comment) of veggies, etc... for eating! I think of course it is better to eat the entire fruit/veggie, but this is just a way (in my case) to get some extra nutrients. It doesn't affect my appetite or alter the amount of fruits/veggies I normally eat. And I too love broccoli (the food, not the juice)!