Thursday, March 5, 2015

you are only as fast as your slowest biker

suffice it to say, henry's seasonal shift from burley to bike has increased our daily commute time tremendously.

this was yesterday, not far from william's school.  henry had suspiciously fallen off his bike, well onto the grass, from a full stop.  i was not convinced it was a real accident, so while his brother was nice enough to help him up and move his bike back onto the path, i stayed put and took pictures instead.  i really want to be a good mother on these exaggerated commutes but some days the best i can do is hold my tongue.

about five minutes after this photo was taken henry told me i was dawdling.  then he called me a vulture culture.  those things made me laugh.

today's commute to and from school was somehow all right too.  he asked me if i could make a book for his friend alfred's birthday. (who even knows when his friend alfred is having a birthday.) and "could you make it out of paper-mâché mama?"  we've never once talked about paper-mâché.  at one point he called me a fuddy-duddy, later, at dinner, we were all a bunch of scallywags.  

i know i shouldn't encourage name calling, but i just love that age when everything that comes out of their mouths is potentially awesome.  henry is definitely at that age, and he's not one to mince words.

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