Wednesday, March 25, 2015

chocolate æg

this morning greg got a call from one of henry's teachers.  "i just want to make sure henry looks the same right now as when you dropped him off.  did you know he's missing part of his front teeth?"


i got some things done today in anticipation of friday's party.  (and also did day 4 of 30 days of yoga.)

then i thought about the suitcase we'd dropped off at the mall and that i couldn't leave it there forever, though i'm sure if i did it would probably eventually make its way to a good home.  this is one of those moments when a car would simplify things.  without one, from here it's either a long walk or two bus rides (four round trip) or getting it home with a bike and a burley.  i chose the last option.  i knew too that this afternoon william's after-school program was having an easter party that parents were invited to.  (well, i couldn't exactly decipher if it was for parents so i had to ask another parent.)  i decided around one o'clock to pay more attention to the details of it and realized that if i were to make it to henry's school to hook up the burley, then to the mall to pick up the suitcase, then back to henry's school, then twenty minutes trying to convince him to put on his winter suit, then over to william's school, and boil a couple eggs before leaving home for an egg rolling contest, i had to start moving.

the timing all worked out.  the repaired suitcase was waiting for me.  it fit somewhat in the back of the burley, which was good, because i wasn't sure if henry was going to have ride on top of the suitcase or inside of the suitcase if it hadn't fit in the back.  and it did take us a good twenty minutes to get out of his school after i arrived.  i pulled out the hard boiled eggs to try to lure him with the idea of an easter party but he was only thoroughly disappointed they weren't made of chocolate...

when we finally did arrive, william was out at the fire pit whittling...

which he did most of the party. we missed the troop heading out to a nearby bridge for the egg rolling contest, but that was just as well, as soon there were smores (sans chocolate) for the kids.  henry was only too excited to participate.

and ride on the carts...  

when it was finally time for us to go, william and i went to his cubby to get his things.  "i need to get back out to your brother since he's riding one of those cars around.  i don't want him running in to people."  nothing to worry about.  as we walked back outside henry was roaring past us on a three-seater with a couple of third graders.

a really cold, windy afternoon without the fire at your back.  but might as well spend much of it outside feeling like you've really deserved coming back to a nice, warm house.


nina said...

You painted those eggs, right? Talented!

greg|regan said...

Nina-- a Sharpie marker. =)