Friday, April 17, 2015

peddling downhill

a busy day.  a fun day.  a friday.  

i had my goals today.  make dinner ahead of time, get us to the grocery store (even if that meant the old french fry-falafel trick), pick up william right after school and get us to a reception for the mom of one of william's best friends.  she is a doctor and just recently bought her own practice (which is how family docs do it here.  and there are only a certain number of license numbers in each area, so you buy from someone retiring who's giving up a number).  

in between playing with cars and playing with trains, henry and i worked on prepping the night's meal... 

and the french fry-falafel trick worked... (i'm not sure who was tricking whom)...

and the day was beautiful, but it was cold and it was windy.  mostly it was windy.  if it hadn't been windy, it wouldn't have been cold.

and though the wind compelled us to peddle even on certain downhills (which feels a little like paying for something that's usually free), we made it to the reception, the boys played and ate candy and hot dogs, and by the time the soup we'd prepped that morning was on the table, henry was looking like he might fall asleep in it... and it seemed like it would be an early night for them... and then... suddenly, the wind changed direction, it's after 9 o'clock and "bedtime" has been going on since 7:30 and henry is somehow more awake than ever before... and that also feels like... why did we ever allow ourselves to think we might be able to coast tonight?

well, you just never know.

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nina said...

I love the change from no shirt to hat and jacket all in one afternoon.
I'll take windy and sunny over cloudy and still any day!