Monday, April 13, 2015

taxing ingredient gnomes

those taxes i started doing way back when?  today was finally my day to work on them again, and if we can do whatever it is one needs to do to electronically sign, then tonight we can submit them as well.  just in time too, though i guess we get an automatic 2-month extension being out of the country.

and then i went straight to helping in the common house kitchen for tonight's meal.  and then spent too long talking to neighbors (while greg washed dishes and the boys ran around) to find that the boys had not spent the entire time running around, but had instead been inside helping themselves to "ingredients"-- a term of art in this household.  it means they were rooting through the fridge and the spice drawer to make whatever combination of things they could get away with.  henry first started making "ingredients", and his specialty tends to be milk combined with cinnamon and vanilla.  his brother has also taken to making ingredients and when i came in tonight he'd made me something i "could put on [my] oats tomorrow morning."  i asked him what was in it (it seemed to be festering) and sure enough, it involved baking soda and also lemon "hide".  (there was, in fact, a lemon sitting on the table missing most of its 'hide'.)

so i only got one photo today.

of this, when i walked back home tonight...

they certainly don't belong to us, but no one (i.e. neither of my boys) claims any responsibility for their travels to our porch.  hopefully somebody will claim them.

okay, to file (tonight) or not to file (until tomorrow morning).  that is the spørgsmål.  (there!  you just learned a danish word!)

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