Saturday, April 25, 2015


today was a workday for our co-housing community.  it started with coffee, tea, juice, homemade rolls, cheese and meats in the common house and ended with cut carrots, cucumbers, apple slices and delivered pizzas, there too.  in between was mostly outdoor work.  in the morning henry and i collected all manner of little bits of trash around the common spaces and later i helped greg cut up the aforementioned fruit and veggies.  after the breakfast and before the veggies, greg did all sorts of shoveling and digging, helping to turn one large sandbox into a fire pit and creating two little sandboxes to replace it.  william was really motivated to help with the fire pit in the morning and helped shovel and move dirt and sand around.  

in the evening we had movie night.  here are a few of us getting ready for it to start...  

tomorrow we'll have a workday here at home.  getting ready for our big trip stateside.


nina said...

when exactly are you leaving and where exactly are you going?
great pic btw.

greg|regan said...

i'll have to send you an email nina. =)