Thursday, October 25, 2012


my job search person emailed me a few days back.  our six month contractual relationship is coming to an end in a couple weeks (actually the contractual relationship between her and greg's employer) and is there anything else i want her to do to help me find a job?

it took me a few days to email her back.  see, i've passed the eight month mark now without a single day of boredom.  without, i feel, a single minute, of wondering what to do.  but i thought about her question, framing it in terms of what job would make me happy to leave this situation.  i imagine, unfortunately, one thing only... sitting at our dining room table, writing.  it's sort of the one thing i imagine and think, 'oh... that sounds so nice.'  but sort of like music and singing.  you can know good music when you hear it, but when you open up your own mouth to create it, to find some sort of tune, well, the result is less than record-deal, tour-worthy.  (at least that's how it is when i sing, but my kids and husband are still subjected to it on a daily basis... i'm seeing a parallel here with this blog for those daily readers...)

so i did a silly thing today.  well, first i emailed her to say that i was going to keep on keeping on with my danish and i was going to continue looking for editing work.  then i signed up to write a 50,000 word novel between the dates of november 1 and november 30.  for national novel writing month.  the website stresses it's all about quantity and not quality, which is the only thing that makes me feel like maybe i can do it.  but then again, i might give up on october 31st.

who wants to join me?  i promise not to give up if you don't!  click here for the link.

okay.  enough silliness.  now for two pictures from today...

time for sleep.


nina said...

Oh, super wonderful! You know I think you should write a book. Let this be your first one, followed by another and another!

(I'll understand if it becomes tough to also post. I'll understand. But I'll remain hopeful that you'll at least do a sentence or two for the blog anyway. With a photo to fill in this story, that takes place right here.)

greg|regan said...

thanks nina!

i'm getting a little nervous-- i really don't have an idea for 50,000 words at this point. maybe it will come to me.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you have enough material in your blog? Add in a torrid affair and you're all set. :)

kat said...

how many pages is 50,000 words, roughly? You can do it!

greg|regan said...

hi kat,

i think 1,667 words (50K divided by 30) is around 3.5 pages (times new roman, single spaced)... so around 100 pages or a bit more. eek!