Tuesday, October 9, 2012

just stopped in to say...

i just spent the last of my energy on a two+ hour single-parenting bedtime.  maybe i will do a make-up post tomorrow.

but i did make the muffins at the bottom of this post. except this morning, just as the leftover oatmeal hit the tupperware i realized we didn't have a muffin tin, so why on earth was i thinking that i was going to make 'leftover oatmeal muffins.'  so tonight i made the recipe into bread instead.

also, i played a game of organized volleyball today as well as vikingspil, only i'm not sure that's the name of it.  and i danced to choreographed steps.  i also rode my bike in a minor hail storm.  again-- what on earth?  maybe tomorrow, in my make-up post.  none of it's really as exciting as it sounds, and i'm not fooling myself about how exciting it sounds either.

but now i just want to get into bed and read my book and maybe stay up long enough to say hello to greg when he returns from his work dinner.

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