Monday, October 15, 2012

potato holiday part 1

today the guys stayed home with me.  no school for me.  no school for them.  so, we went camping.  

here is our tent...

we roasted marshmallows (more than once), put the fire out with water, put on our backpacks, went on a hike, made another fire, roasted hot dogs, made sandwiches, turned off the sun, turned on the stars and moon, william wished on the 'wishing star' ('i wish i may, i wish i might...'), went to bed, woke up, cooked bacon on a new fire, drank water... in mostly that order.  

it was really nice to have a day like the kind of day we had before the necessity to learn another language and socialize with peers trumped our all-day, everyday togetherness.

it was another rainy day.  tomorrow will be that way too.  so a good time for an entire pallet's-worth of firewood to be delivered to our driveway (and unfortunately, not squeezed under our carless carport, which i think would have been possible, and which i convinced the guy to try, and which i felt was sort of a half-hearted try, but i was the one holding the kid safely off to the side, not the one maneuvering two thousand pounds on a slightly uneven driveway).

it's amazing firewood by the way!  yes, it's true... we are really into our fireplace.

but we get out a little too...

kind of like the sun...

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