Monday, October 8, 2012

on accomplishing goals or being crafty or riding your bike to school in the afternoon

it's been building up for a few weeks now.  a yearning to be crafty.  to make something.  to create.  the blog is okay in this regard.  the problem is, i save it for the end of the night, when i've run out of the energy, required by me, to put words together that make any sense.  and as for photos, i always only use our phone cameras and i don't know how to be tricky enough with our good camera to turn photography into my craft-fulfilling hobby.

in a burst of an "i'm-going-to-be-a-crafty-person" feeling today, i signed up for pinterest, and then immediately was confused as to how i'm supposed to use or navigate the site.

so i went to the bedroom closet and pulled out the single crafty project i have, and the one which i've been avoiding since we moved here.  (see above.)  i've been too scared to even open the bag it's been sitting in for the last seven months.  and, perhaps because i've allowed seven months to elapse since working on it, my fear was well-founded.  i cannot remember how to knit!  i only learned the winter before we moved from madison, and while my fingers have a vague notion of what to do (i can feel the yarn wrapped around my left index finger.  i know to move the needle in my right hand to the yarn wrapped around the needle in my left.) they falter before completing a stitch.  tomorrow maybe i'll watch a knitting video online and i'll remember again.

i think about the sewing machine sitting in my parents'(-in-law) basement that i never learned to thread, despite being shown how.  i think about the sewing class i took through the community college that yielded one half-finished shirt, sitting, perhaps, in my parents'(-in-law) basement.  then there's the half-crocheted scarf that languished in our own basement for years before finally (hopefully) getting rid of it (and not sending it to my parents'(-in-law) basement to do some more languishing when we moved over here.)

i might just be hopeless when it comes to being crafty.  but no.  because i'm always and forever occasionally inspired to be so... so there must be hope.  i might just finish that hat, and  i will definitely learn to thread that sewing machine someday.  and perhaps even learn what i need to do to finish the shirt.

in the meantime... william.

first, he was kissed by a girl today. i know because i saw it.  and i have to say, it made me blush for him.  second, regretting (to the point of anguish) his choice not to ride his bike to school today, he immediately got on his bike when we got home from school and decided he was going to ride it back to school, not tomorrow morning, but now.  fortunately, he made the wise decision not to go beyond our street.  but still he insisted he wanted to ride back to his school.  so i loaded henry back into the burley, but convinced william that we should meet greg instead, who was on his way home.  so that's what we did.  we ran into him down at the fjord and went to the beach playground...

just past the cows...


going home...

setting sun before dinner...

we rode up vestre kirkevej-- the road with the steep hill.  the wind pushing us up (mercifully, as mine was the bike with the burley attached to it). got home, built a fire, and ate brussels sprouts and leftover chili and cornbread for dinner.  and after the guys went to bed, i thought more about being crafty and figured out, sorta kinda, how to use pinterest, but did not yet learn how to knit again.  tomorrow maybe.  or better yet, wednesday.

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nina said...

Maybe it was a European kiss? you know, out of friendship? If not, well, there's still henry. For a while.

By the way, that is one lovely knitting project! You have way too many talents!