Wednesday, October 3, 2012

tahhh, gee-uh, blee-uh

i almost got dinner prepared but then decided we had too many leftovers, so i made banana bread instead, but realized we didn't have any butter.  so i made it without.  then thirty minutes into its baking in the oven i pulled out the whipped cream from the fridge to have with my post-lunch turkish dessert and found a pack of butter.  wow.  that sounds like a nice day.  but i also practiced my danish words.

tager ... tahhhh

giver ... gee-uh

bliver ... blee-uh

siger ... see-uh

spørger ... spur ... spuhuh ... spewuh  ... speruh ... oy.  just can't settle on a phonetic spelling for this one using the english alphabet.

and then there's this:

noget ... nu-ll

nogle ... no-on

and they both mean the same thing ("some"), but they're different words, and one is used for words you'd also use with 'meget' ... mall (much/a lot) and the other one is used for words you'd use with 'mange' ... mahng (many), and it's impossible for me to say which is which without going through an extremely convoluted process of "much coffee"/"many pears"... much is mall... spelled meget, which ends in et, like noget, and "no get" is kind of like nothing like null and void... so i pronounce it nu-ll.  ahh... yes i would take noget kaffe null calf-eh please. (which sentence would never happen in danish because there is no such thing as 'please' despite what your danish phrase book might tell you.  but this is not to say the danes are not polite.  they have about a hundred different phrases involving the word 'tak' which is 'thank you.')

okay, so then the littlest members of the family came home.  william on his bike again, there and back.

henry looked for our ballots...

are they in there henry?  no.  they aren't.  i'm worried.  they were sent out nearly two weeks ago, but we'd been remiss in changing our address with the state of wisconsin when we moved the block to this new place, and although we changed our address with the danish post office, i'm not sure they do forwarding like they do in the u.s... because we haven't received our ballot and our old landlord hasn't either.  grumble.  but i'm reading rumors online about being able to use a federal absentee ballot in its place.  for now though, i'm hopefully awaiting our big yellow envelopes from wisconsin.  keep checking henry.

later, toys come out...

and even later, negotiations ensue over what will fill the tummy of a boy who needs a snack before bed.  more dinner perhaps?

enjoy the debate tonight for those in a better time zone than us.  i will not be up at 2:30 a.m. to watch, but will hopefully enjoy it tomorrow.

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Judy said...

Please, please, please let your ballots show up! Maybe call the embassy? Wisconsin needs your votes.