Saturday, October 27, 2012


there was an empty square on our calendar for october 27th, luckily.  not tomorrow however.  but hopefully by then william will be past the worst of his illness, which began last night with lots of coughing and turned into a fever by mid-morning, which resulted in a nap by mid-afternoon, more coughing in the evening and a guy ready to crawl into bed and listen to stories by seven.  the fever hasn't gotten worse, the cough has subsided for now, so maybe it's a short-lived thing.  i assume (i hope) it's the same thing henry had a week ago.  (hope because henry was unstoppable when it came to sharing an apple with william and taking william's special-request straw off the floor and chewing on it.)

so it was a low-key day.  greg took henry for a run with the burley.  last night was a frost and my phone said -2 (celcius) in the morning.  next week our temperatures are on par with madison's, except there is much more sun and much less rain going on in madison.

one picture, from tonight, greg skyping with brother and niece while mixing batter...


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