Sunday, October 14, 2012

bear, lizard, potato

i just spent the last five minutes on the couch with my computer open in front of me, trying to keep my eyes open long enough to stop from falling asleep so i could write the blogpost, and it's only 9:03. but i was helping william get to sleep when greg came in the room and put his hand on my shoulder.

"huh?! do you think he's asleep?" i asked.


"do you think i was asleep" i asked.


he very kindly offered to do the post for me and i very readily agreed, because, if you notice, the posts are always signed by greg|regan or is it regan|greg?  in any case, i thought it completely within his competence to truly author one of these posts now and again (say once every 8 months or so), and so i turned over and closed my eyes again, but having already awoken from a nice cat nap, i got up, when i realized he'd never remember my extra long and senseless password.

so here i am, to tell you that it was another rainy, cold day.  i hear the midwest has been having one too, so if you are there, you can imagine extending today's weather to tomorrow and the next day and yesterday and the one before that, and you probably have an idea of what a typical fall weather pattern is like in denmark at that point.  not that it's so bad.  not when you have a fireplace and good rain pants.  but today we mostly just utilized the fireplace idea, though greg did go to work for awhile in a downpour and i later went to the grocery store in a drizzle.  (because the super best is now open on sundays.)

the only photos i have are from this evening.

teddy bear and the sword...

lizards and butterflies...

tomorrow begins our modified version of efterÄrsferie, which apparently used to be known as the potato holiday, when kids used to help with the potato harvest.


KK said...

Hi guys! I'm thinking I need to send you all more rain gear! By the way, I try to comment on the blog all the time, but I'm obvious doing something wrong in logging into Mark's account, so I see they do not post! I'm trying again :) Miss you guys! Hugs

nina said...

Well, if it's any help, I fall asleep while posting or just before posting ALL THE TIME! Of course, at my age, I never STAY asleep, especially not on the couch and so inevitably, I will be awake again just short of midnight, finishing up what I had started many hours earlier.

But just in case, maybe you should give all parties to the greg/regan partnership the password! I'm thinking I should do the same (write it down for Ed) in case I crash in some awful fashion. You know, for blog closure. (Can you tell that the somber movie of last night hasn't quite left me yet?)

greg|regan said...


Thanks for the offer! Our rain gear is in tip top shape, except, if you can believe it, neither Greg nor I have rain boots. The guys both have two pairs each.

I will work on the comment thing. You are not the only one. Some post on FB because of this. But your problem sounds different from that of others-- you don't have a problem proving you're not a robot. You can post as "anonymous"-- then you don't have to log in at all to anything. It's the last option when you go to choose your identity.


A silver lining to insomnia! At this point, I am usually so tired that insomnia only hits me right around the time when I should probably be getting up in the morning anyhow, but when I still want to lay in bed for 15 more minutes.

Yes, password sharing for blog closure! A somber thought, but the readers would be appreciative in that worst-case scenario!

nina said...

regan -- I guarantee you that your blog will end because you'll lose interest one of these years, whereas mine will most likely end because my fingers wont click fast enough anymore. Or I'll tumble on Rosie. Or something.

I suppose Facebook is a way that you announce to your friends that you're not blogging anymore. My cohort mostly isn't on Facebook. And so I pretty much ignore it, unless I want to find out what my former students/daughters/friends-of-daughters are up to.

I wonder what aspect of technology your w&h will embrace that will seem foreign to you and greg...

greg|regan said...


As long as you still have your voice (and your thoughts) you can always dictate-- or type slowly. =) Makes me think of my once 90 year old grandma telling me her knees were giving her trouble so she was having a hard time walking. My heart dropped, but she quickly followed up with, "so I'll just have to start walking on my hands."

I think you have the right approach with FB. Best to mostly ignore it! Though I might try to 'friend' you someday if you are indeed on it. =)

nina said...

Friend me! And I do post stuff. About twice a year.

nina said...

P.S. That's a beautiful grandmother story.