Friday, October 12, 2012


this cold weather is good.  i get out on my bike.  the cold wind hits my face and it prevents me from getting too comfortable in my internal (right now) grumblings about american politics.  because that's what i think about a lot these days, and it's amazing (and a little embarrassing) just how easily it affects my mood... it basically follows the trajectory of the polls.  and class helps as well.  like today, during the break, my younger classmates educate me about who katy perry is (an, apparently internationally known, american singer) and they laugh in disbelief at my ignorance ("but you're from america!!!") and it is all in good fun and makes me forget about obama and romney and ryan and biden.  (also this:

afterwards, two of us went over to another classmate's house to talk about starting up a book club.  we decided on a book (amy tan's 'the kitchen god's wife') and a date, time, and place, to share with our other classmates and any other english speakers we can wrangle up.  then i rode home, stopping to pick up the guys on the way.  but william's class was celebrating a birthday (and william sang me the danish 'happy birthday' song today... which you can hear back on his birthday on 3/31) and henry was still napping, so i left and went to the grocery store to give them some time.

later, our friend, sarah, visited with us, and william seemed to understand what she was saying to him in danish.  it's amazing to me that everyone i've asked who'd learned a second language as a kid or who has a kid who's learned a second language threw out 6 months as the amount of time it took for things to click, but as we were approaching the middle of october (marking 6 months that he's been in school here) i thought there was no way things were going to click for him by then, but now that we're basically there, it really seems like he's comprehending much of what he hears, and apparently speaking more danish in class (and occasionally at home too.  his favorite word is sådan (so den), which means... well, i'm not really sure... something like 'so then' i think...? and he says it on a near continuous basis it seems.)

no pictures today, so i took a shot of william's 'world grand prix'...


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