Monday, October 1, 2012

sun and light and bike and bight

today i noticed a substantial jump in the lack of light going on in these parts at 6:30 in the morning.  which is to say, last week, when i was waking up at 6:30, it was light blue outside.  maybe light gray.  today though... dark blue.  which is to say, dark.  as in, no sun.  it's only october first though.  and that was only 6:30.  someday in the next few months i'll be saying this same thing about 8:30 in the morning... and hopefully it won't go farther than that.  

greg went to lund, sweden today, where the sun was shining... 

i don't think we have that many leaves on the ground around here.  but as in this picture, our trees are also holding on to their green color despite a clear shift in the seasons.

brick design knows no bounds in lund...

yellow, pink, and blue...

today was the first day william rode his bike to school that i had henry in the burley.  actually, greg ran with henry in the burley on the way to school, which is how it's been done in the past when william's ridden his bike.  but on the way home, it was henry in the burley, me on my bike, and william on his.  mostly we were able to ride side by side, but occasionally on the street he had to go along behind me where i had to trust that my reminder (times one hundred) to stay near the curb, would be heeded.

and henry, henry, henry... he's growing quite fond of biting his classmates.  i maintain he is a sweet boy, but one who, unfortunately, knows the most effective way of getting his message across.

a happy monday to you!

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