Thursday, October 4, 2012


why make soup for dinner on a night where i'm the only one in the house over four and a half years old?  you might as well ask, why make rice, eggs, grilled cheese, pizza.  because it will end up on the floor.  it will all end up on the floor.  soup though, will also get absorbed into the clothing... which means less of it will end up on the floor than some of those other foods.

but really though... cabbage soup?  i can be a cruel mom sometimes.  the recipe calls it rustic though, which means it also has some of those earthy root vegetables kids love... like parsnips.  (actually, that was my own addition... because i'm cruel.)

and because i cannot cut up cabbage this small with two unsupervised children running around the house, i did it at noon. and because one never knows what the evening may hold without an extra pair of hands to tend to a reliably waking henry, i'm doing the blog now rather than then... then being when i normally do the blog. which means you get pictures of chopped cabbage, instead of cute snugglers in jammies, at the park, eating soup (though not all at once)...

i could take a picture of the outdoors, but honestly, it is gray and has been gray for so much of the past, i don't know... week... two weeks... three weeks?  when did fall start here?  that when i was riding back home this morning and saw a sliver of blue sky toying with the idea of overtaking the cloud cover it felt joyful and surprising... oh, yes... the sun! well, why not?!

well, apparently there was a good reason, because it's gone.  fall in denmark is not particularly pretty.  the ground not particularly dry.  the sky not particularly blue.  the leaves not particularly colorful.

so today, you get cabbage...

at least it doesn't lack for color.


nina said...

I love cabbage soup. I love sauerkraut on a chicken brat. I love cabbage stew with wild mushrooms and prunes. My Polish roots show through. But I always use white cabbage. How does the taste of the purple compare?

Is it the Baltic that gives you all those chilly rains? You're sort of where Gdansk (Poland) is, but I don't recall Gdansk being always so...wet.

greg|regan said...


there may be a slight flavor difference, but without putting them side by side, i'd be hard pressed to tell you what it was. i almost want to say the purple is milder when cooked-- or maybe just when 'overcooked' as i did last night. but the purple's texture is different-- slicker? also holds together a little bit more. it's good. perhaps you will try it with a purple cabbage someday!

i guess it's the baltic. or being in between two seas maybe? but interestingly, we actually get less rain than wisconsin on a yearly basis. i would never believe that, given that it's raining as i write this and seems to rain most days of the year.