Monday, October 29, 2012

stranded at the drive-in

i won't complain about the weather today when millions of people are hours away from a hurricane.  indeed it seems that sandy is the talk of the nation right now, so it feels strange to be so far away from it, but maybe everyone west of ohio feels the same.

denmark is a country with almost no natural disasters or deadly animals.  we are most definitely bystanders living amongst bystanders.

and we are both tired with the new time change that says what is now 9:26 used to be 10:26, even if we did get up at what used to be 7:26 instead of 6:26.

so a short post tonight.  hoping people, relatives, friends, and critters, on the east coast, stay safe.

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nina said...

Madison is a bystander. Sunny skies, brisk temps, gentle breezes. But then, I don't think east coasters really get tornadoes.

Fall back! An extra hour of rest or play, no? :)