Friday, October 19, 2012

management of operational wastes

well, no danish homework today.  not on the revised agenda.  henry had plenty of ....
(and then henry woke up)
(and then regan and henry fell asleep)

and now it is my turn to blog! (this is greg, by the way).  all that I have to report is a long day of meetings, taking place in a room, and travel, taking place in germany.  so hang on to your hat.

as I recount the day, I find that it is just like you would expect from a business trip:
  hotel, bus, gate, gate-guard-passport-glare exchange, meeting room, coffee, coffee, coffe, and then it is finally my turn to present...
 ...and just as I click the button to deliver the ultimate knock-em-dead tritium-level-in-the-facility-isn't-so-bad-as-you-thought slide.... oh... that's not the right figure... trust me, the tritium level in the facility isn't as bad as you thought! flounders greg  noreally, just imagine this green line here is actually way up there...
not exactly knock'n'em dead.
relief comes in the form of a softball question from the peanut gallery. my presentation is saved, and everyone goes away with the vague impression that that tritium problem doesn't quite bother them as much as it used to.
then a taxi through the forest.  it is somewhat strange to be on flat terrain, in a highly populated area, with so many big trees.  in the midwest those trees would have been cut down years ago to make corn. good old corn, the backbone of the diabetic shoe industry.  what will the german children eat?

next I catch a train and ride through the countryside.  I miss all the views because I'm busy writing a report.
then the same on a plane.
then half asleep on a train.
then a bicycle ride home to a soundly sleeping family.

isn't that how all business trips go?

the bright sides:
1. we got to board the plane from the back (at least that's a little different),

2.  and I found a great book for W in the airport bookstore.

and that's that.

thanks for your attention, regan will be back tomorrow, i'm sure!

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nina said...

Now that's impressive! And funny and poignant. You gotta team up on a book project! I'll buy!