Sunday, October 7, 2012

space shovels

too long moving things off my computer, which had been grumping at me for weeks that it was running out of space, that it really didn't have any space left, that it was serious this time!  until it finally just stopped doing anything.  so onto an external hard drive things went. then finally installing updates and restarting the thing, which it had been unobtrusively inquiring about for some days now (macs are so polite in that way). and now it's all said and done and the computer's back in commission but i am tired and ready for sleep.  

so one picture from today... from a mother-littlest son adventure to the shovel park... 

and a surprisingly entertaining video from this morning... 

and then goodnight!


Anonymous said...

ohh i laughed and laughed

greg|regan said...


you are just the person i imagined would laugh and laugh at that video!