Monday, October 22, 2012


as we were walking out the door this morning, greg said, "better put on your rain pants."  and just like that, it was the monday morning after efterårsferie.

not such a bad monday though.  both guys seemed happy, in their own way, to be back at school.  there's even a reported case of chicken pox, so keep your fingers crossed!

i made it to class on time.  our teacher was running late and then let us out an hour early because she was quite sick-- too sick to be teaching a class.  two classmates and i walked into town.  i sat with them while they drank coffee and then walked over to my translating/editing friend's office.  she'd mentioned stopping by her office sometime for coffee, but she wasn't there, so i went home, had lunch, and procrastinated over doing my danish homework some... trying to get back into the hang of a routine i put off for a week, and also enjoying a quiet house.  we have a new novella to read and i have exactly one week to read it.  which means i'm not going to sit obsessively with my danish-english dictionary this time, ensuring i know every single word on the page.

i got the guys from school.  henry refused to wear his coat.  greg came home and made chili with pumpkin (after a pumpkin soup last night).  all very seasonal and delicious.

now the guys are asleep and i feel ready to do the same.  i'll leave you with a picture of william and his passenger boat creation from school today...

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