Saturday, January 19, 2013


okay.  a short post.  william and henry had a good sledding adventure with one of william's friends today.  we had our american neighbors over for a (homemade) pizza dinner, and homemade kettle corn from them, and homemade burnt chocolate chip cookies from me.  and then, trying to get henry to bed, laying down with him in william's bed, when suddenly he throws up everywhere and it is nearly ten o'clock and we are changing sheets and stuffing pillows and pajamas into the washing machine and giving henry a bath and re-brushing his teeth and william is helping himself to cartoons on the computer and i am trying not to mind about the fact that much of our post eight p.m. friday and saturday nights have been unexpectedly comprised of getting our kids to sleep unusually late.  well, well.  no problem.  we're hoping henry just ate too many cookies.  but anyway, it's 11 now.  time to go to sleep. goodnight! 

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nina said...

Parenting does get (physically) easier. I swear it does. But not for a while... Third night's the charm!!