Tuesday, January 8, 2013

liberating beets

here is why today was a pretty good day...

day two of danish lessons and danish math lessons and i have to say, day two went a lot better than day one.  not that day one went so horribly-- it didn't.  but today was one of those rare days of at least some degree of inexplicable lucidity, which is only to say i got the gist of what my teachers were saying a little more often than usual.

during lunch and after class i sat in the room and did my homework so i wouldn't have a night like last night where i was working on it at 10 o'clock.  then i picked up the guys, we went to the grocery store, and it was sometime during dinner prep that i realized, i don't have school tomorrow, or the next day... and my homework's already done!  (well, not my math class homework, but still, i unintentionally did not procrastinate!)

i peeled and cut up a bunch of beets to roast for dinner, and then remembered we were out of olive oil.  we have duck fat... loads of it.  who would have known?  is it well known that if you cook a duck you can expect to get over three peanut butter jars worth of fat?  but, okay, never mind the duck fat because i am not going to use it to roast beets in.  it's just not that kind of vegetable.  so instead i discovered this vegan site which told me how to roast beets without oil-- which is to wrap them up in foil-- and they were delicious!  thanks post punk kitchen! (oh, and you didn't hear anything about duck fat from me!)

the laundry is still sitting on the couch, but i've lost any illusions that it's going to get folded before tomorrow-- it's very zen.

oh, and i've been on 'facebook-lite' mode and really liking it.  liberating.

so, a pretty good day!  perhaps yours was as well.

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