Wednesday, January 30, 2013


this morning we were nearly out the door when william threw up.  so, perhaps he didn't miss out on the stomach flu after all.  because greg had already left for work i gave him an old ice cream container just in case and he sat in the burley while i got henry to school.  fortunately and surprisingly that was the only time he was sick for the rest of the day.  when we got back home he laid on the couch for awhile, but it seemed more like he was only doing it out of obligation to a mom who was treating him as though he had the stomach flu.  eventually he ate again.  he got up and played.  so... who knows.

i had designated today to be my homework day.  aside from everyday homework, i also have a ~90 page 'easy reader' book to read by monday.  this would be no problem if it were in english, but once again, i am also simultaneously reading my danish-english dictionary along with each sentence.  okay, not each sentence, but certainly i'm using it multiple times a page.  this makes for slow reading.  in addition to my need to focus on danish lessons today and the fact that a pretty healthy william was home with me, he is also off his '45's' (his daily forty-five minutes of cartoons) for the week because he had sooo many cartoons when he and we were all sick.  i was determined to stick with this and also determined to do my homework and start the book, so i found this cool site where he could listen to online kids stories for free... for any interested caretakers out there.

when we went to pick henry up from school we ran into one of his teachers who was taking something to the garbage.  she was wearing short sleeves and laughed a little as i arrived and got off my bike.  i realized later it was probably because i looked ready to head out on a scientific expedition to the arctic with my huge coat, winter boots and rain pants (just in case), whereas the weather today made it possible to take the garbage out with short sleeves and find the whole outing rather refreshing.  i'll admit i think i was sweating under my down hood, and i can't quite fathom why i am so slow to make the transition between cold, cool, and warm weather clothing given that nearly my entire life has been spent in a climate with four clearly defined seasons, each demanding a certain type of attire.  well, maybe tomorrow if it's still this warm out (i'm guessing maybe the 40's), i'll switch back to a sweatshirt and rain jacket.

later, for dinner, i was determined to do something with eggs, as we had nearly two dozen (they come in cartons of ten here though) sitting in the fridge.  i found this really good recipe... here, click here.  i modified it a bit.  i put in the pan, in this order: bacon, a shallot (at least, i would say it is a shallot, but i've only ever had shallots that look purplish or reddish on the inside, but here, the ones we've gotten in our vegetable box are simply white inside), boiled, quartered potatoes (a good addition), a bunch of arugula, salt and pepper, a can of tomatoes, just a little honey, three eggs, and crumbled feta cheese on top.  and stuck it under the broiler for a few minutes.  yum.

i think william's having fun there.

well anyway, maybe you'll have it for dinner tonight too.


nina said...

I may. Or some such variation. I have eggs to use up too.

Can I have your forties temps for the next few days? We're in single numbers again. Every day these past weeks has been weird and different and mostly not altogether pretty.

But today! Oh, did we get the snow!

Anyway, onto healthy days!

Judy said...

I was surprised by the egg carton sizes, too.

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

I see you did! I'm afraid our 40's are leaving us today, though it looks like they're not going to Wisconsin.

Hi Judy,

I didn't realize they came in so many different sizes here. I hardly ever buy eggs at the grocery store because we get a carton (of 10) every week in our vegetable box, which typically suits us just fine. Somehow last night we had two full cartons and a mostly empty carton in there though. Must have been due to our many sick days.
I see you also commented some about Easter-- do you know if the Danes do 'easter egg hunts'... like in parks or in their backyards? William's birthday falls on Easter this year and we were thinking we'd incorporate an easter egg hunt into his birthday party (which we will be sure to hold on a day other than Easter), if it is something novel for Danish kids and if we can get hold of some plastic easter eggs.

Judy said...

Regan, I am guessing Emily can help you more than I can in the Easter egg department. I was amazed by how long the holiday was (i.e, how long the stores and libraries were closed).

Eat some extra baklava for me!