Saturday, January 5, 2013

one five

there's not so much to say about today (or if there was, it's all been lost in the fatigue i feel from sitting in a dark room, singing henry to sleep).  but now i'm back out in a lighted room.  i could continue doing what i did today, which is work on the editing project during the times greg was able to keep the guys occupied (one guy with a run, both guys with a trip to the grocery store).  i could also do what i've been doing for the last two nights after i decide that it's too late and i'm too tired to work or start my new book club book, but it's not so late and i'm not so tired that i can't stay up just a bit longer-- and that is to watch more episodes of 'breaking bad.'  this i blame completely on a skype conversation in which the guilty party said something along the lines of 'you will be hooked within the first five minutes of the first episode' and i was too tempted to resist testing out that assertion.  but let me tell you-- that show is not for everyone, and william and henry, if you're reading this, you are not allowed to watch it.

perhaps though, i should just go to sleep.  i still feel nowhere near caught up (from the last nearly five years) and i have this feeling that i won't feel that way until maybe henry has gone off to college.

maybe that's how my mom felt.  it's her birthday today, and because i didn't get to talk to her, i'm posting a happy birthday picture of her.

happy birthday mom!

here are two little grandchildren from today... one playing, one napping...

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nina said...

Funny thing is -- once the kids give you time to sleep, you no longer can or especially want to.

Nice photo. (A photo will save a weary bloggers who just can't keep her eyes open when she have a minute to post.)