Monday, January 21, 2013

sick plural

i called greg around four today to find out when he thought he'd be home because, i told him, i'm feeling kind of sick.  he told me that, unfortunately, so was he.  so i took a tylenol (or some sort of european equivalent) which quickly kicked in.  he got home and laid on the couch.  the tylenol never really worked for him.  but i'm clearly dealing with some sort of cold, and he may be fighting off what henry had, though he has not thrown up yet.

it was a very cold day today.  not according to the thermometer.  it was only maybe in the low twenties (F), but there was a lot of wind, which hasn't been the case lately, so that the body never had much of a chance to hold onto any of the warmth it produced.

classes were semi-understandable and our main class was canceled for tomorrow, though i should still go in for math (where today, we talked about grammar... as it should be).  at home i made a cream of a lot of vegetables soup, which turned out to be more like coarsely pureed vegetables with a soup-like consistency.  oh well.  henry seemed to go for it.  i tried putting him to bed on the early end of his normal tonight because he took a 35 minute ( = very short) nap today, but i might as well have served him a cup of coffee with his dinner because it was well over an hour before he finally fell asleep.  william, however, went right to bed with greg, claiming he too felt kind of sick.  he does have a cough.  tis the season!

now greg is up, too uncomfortable to sleep.

it will pass.  just like this cold weather.

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nina said...

I feel for you! Ed is in the thick of his cold, I'm about to succumb -- I know it's the season but I think winter would be a lot more popular if it didn;t include getting colds.