Saturday, January 26, 2013

return of the blog

well, i'm back.  so let's just hop to it.  i could start the blog back up like that.  or, i could tell you, with all honesty, how fun it was to have my evenings completely free to do whatever i felt like doing.  i guess i should update you on the illnesses in this household.  i think we're all over the stomach flu now.  william never really got it in the end, or he had the mildest version of it for about three hours.  as of today, greg's got the sort of weird, sore throat, feeling bad thing i had before, during, and after the flu (though only the sore throat remains for me now).  tonight henry has a fever to accompany the cough he caught from william who stayed home on thursday and friday with only questionable symptoms at best.  they were more like get out of school free days, which we normally wouldn't go for, but this time we did.  mercifully, our illnesses were staggered most conveniently, the stomach flu was only good for about 24 hours per person, and no one missed more than two days worth of work/class/school/what have you.

okay, enough about us being sick.  everyone's sick right now.  you don't need to hear anymore about this family's germs.  and (going back to that honesty thing)... on none of my sick days was i too sick to type up a few words and hit 'publish'... so, sort of, i was playing hookie.  which i don't expect anybody minds.  probably it was nice to have a little break as the reader, too, though i want to emphasize to everyone-- this is not mandatory reading.  (i'm going to put that up on the side of my blog, just in case anyone ever feels guilty for not reading this.)  so for both our sakes, i think i'll institute a couple weekend days on the blog... as in, days off, though not necessarily on the weekend.  i have to figure out a schedule that works.  we'll see.  any thoughts?  days you absolutely just don't want to read this blog?

but tonight, on this weekend day, we went on a nice walk, if you don't count the times william and henry had each other yelling and crying at one another in the burley.  it's still very cold here.  it hasn't snowed (significantly) in forever, but the snow that came so long ago is still on the ground.  tomorrow though, and maybe everyday until next fall (is the rumor), it will be above freezing, so tonight was arguably our last chance to enjoy the real cold of winter, walk on the snow, really appreciate the warmth of our winter coats.

getting ready to go

in the burley

okay, i thought i had a partner in getting this house put back together tonight, but i think he has fallen asleep, so i should end this and go do the dishes before a little feverish guy wakes up unhappy.


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