Sunday, January 6, 2013

guest post

william got to stay up a little later than usual this evening and so he happened to be sitting next to me as i uploaded the pictures for today's blog post, which i then invited him to author.  so these are his words, of his adventure today... 

we went to the forest and we had a great time and i finished my chocolate bread and then henry was still eating his and then we made boats out of sticks and leaves and after that we had sticks that could grab the boats back. this is all. no more. i said no more. no more to write. 

we went to the bakery and got chocolate breads. 

and this is the picture of me and henry fishing the boats back in.

and then after that we started a fire and then ate some salami and cheese and crackers and pretzels and apples and carrots and drink [sic] some water and then we went into the camping place and played and after that henry went on through the seaweed and then we followed him.  this is not the water,  it's just the camera tak[ing] a photo of henry on the rocks and then henry pulling the boat in.  uh. we had a nice day.  and i'm standing on the grass and using that stick to fish in that boat and henry, he's trying to fish in another boat and greg already fished in that boat, over there, near the seaweed, and greg was not in the photo cause he took the picture.  it's been a big day.  and um, i want to write on a different place.

um. this is a picture of us playing in the camp part and we warmed our hands up by the fire and then we ate. i'm pretty tired after this big adventure.  um... i want to read a book now.  that's what i want to say on there.  and then... um... [coughs].. henry found some other people playing near the seaweed, but dada said, but greg said, to let them be.

when we went to bed we ate some risengrød.  they do not know what risengrød is, because risengrød is a denmark thing.  risengrød is a denmark thing that we have at christmas. it's yummy with sugar and butter.  you should taste it, it's so good.  no more.  how do you send these pictures to everybody?

[part of a conversation with his dad]...

why can nobody climb on a fence?  why can nobody climb on a fence, dada?

what fence?  what kind of fence?

any kind?

because they might break.  but there are some fences that guys can climb on.

well what kind of fences?


what made you think of that?

i was just remembering heathcliff doing that.

[back to the blog]...

it's been a good time.  when we ate dinner, it was so yummy.  and i had a banana when we were making risengrød.  and i ate a few more pieces of dinner.  and then we kept making risengrød and this is a big, big day.  [veering off topic...] i want to play some ball.  ope, the soccer ball flied up in the air... cause the light hammer bammed it up into the air cause we were bamming the soccer ball to each other with the light hammers.  can you read that to me?

and then we went to bed.  ope, grandma s. had a birthday today.  she did.  and then heathcliff came and jumped over the fence.  ope, sock hands!  woops, the light shined into the candle.  the light shined into the candle and it maked it so bright.  that's all.


nina said...

Ah! SO now you have three talented blog reporters in the family! Henry, are you next?

Super cool post: his perspective is uniquely wonderful. It reminds me of when I told my girls to keep journals on a trip to Europe. One was six, the other one was nine. There was a lot of we did this and we did that and yet each had her own take on the day. (And then, of course, my super perfectionist little one could not keep up and so the project fizzled...)

greg|regan said...


I have a diary that I received on my 6th birthday, which is mostly "I got up, I ate breakfast, I played outside, I went swimming (this was summertime), I ate lunch, I ate dinner, I went to bed"... over and over again. I am thinking of using William as a pinch hitter now though.