Friday, January 18, 2013

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today was a flashback to graduate school, and I spent the afternoon in the basement tightening bolts. fortunately, I earned my PhD in righty tighty, lefty loosey, and I was well prepared.  knowing that I am now a 'scientist', I felt that I needed to show off what I learned at UW, so I undertook to finger-tighten a screw with my left hand, upside down, blind, behind an 20cm tube.  lucky for me I had a fifty percent chance of turning it the right way, and I got it.

meanwhile Regan and the boys went sledding around the backyard, 

 having more fun than a barrel of monkeys,
 and wearing themselves out for an early bedtime.
with that goal in mind Henry and I went for a ten mile run, hoping that it would ease him to sleep. by about mile eight it did.  sadly, his snores turned to cries when I accidentally laid him into bed on top of his half-asleep brother (how could I have known he was already in bed?). perhaps W is a bit too lumpy.  anyhow, he could not be consoled other than to have Regan hold him, so now they have gone to sleep, and here I am awake and snacking on everything.  

which brings me to this thought: there is something wonderful about marathon training, and that is perpetual hunger.  it really makes you enjoy your food, and cold water never tasted so great. now that the cat is out of the bag, I assume that you will join me in KĂžbenhavn May 19th?  26 miles, and then after a nap you eat a whole pizza and two bags of chips.  this reminds me of something that one of Regan's friends pointed out, which is that being vegetarian is not necessarily healthy -on account of oreos not having any meat in them.  well marathon training, likewise, will not necessarily lower the cholesterol.

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