Saturday, January 12, 2013


waiting for movie night to begin...

we tried this one other time when he was around two and a half and made the mistake of choosing 'ratatouille' which we had both seen pre-children and remembered as being a cute, innocent movie (which it mostly is), forgetting the part about the shotgun (what's the deal disney pixar???), which he anxiously focused on for days, maybe weeks afterward.  

but tonight we have an animated pirate movie that greg pre-screened (post-children) on a flight to mexico, and a nearly five year old now, so we should be alright.  

greg took henry on a burley run tonight.  it was an easy way for greg to run (he is hoping to do the copenhagen marathon) while also getting henry to bed (who napped for about three minutes today when we went to town).  so now we have a little sleeper, greg and william just finished a toothbrush race, so i need to publish this blog post as william just sat down beside me.

william says: this is a picture of me playing with legos after i put my jammies on.  and then i built a lego machine while i was playing with legos and henry and dada went on a run through the neighborhood in the night time and when they came back henry was asleep and then we put him into his crib and dada helped me build a lego machine.  that's all. 

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