Thursday, January 31, 2013


this morning was nearly an exact replica of yesterday morning except that today greg was still home when william threw up, so greg took henry to school and william went into his room and took a nap in his snowsuit.  so it's a little strange, but i won't call it a pattern yet, that william has twice thrown up right before walking out the door to go to school and then, excepting his nap this morning, been generally well for the rest of the day.

tomorrow is 'car day' in his class, where the kids get to bring toy cars from home.  he is excited for it, so hopefully that will be enough to keep this whatever-it-is bug from coming back.

here he is tonight, excited that i cooked up the rest of the bacon we bought yesterday...

i think i'm going to declare a couple weekend days beginning tomorrow, but maybe i'll surprise myself and post.  otherwise, see you in the near future.  goodnight! 

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nina said...

I hope you're all well?