Friday, January 11, 2013

day's bread

i see a little, tiny postette in my immediate future.  eleven o'clock.  a long but fun day.  class-- which isn't not fun.  but no math.  that's only twice a week.  then home... lunch, cleaning up, peeling beets, making pumpkin pie filling.  then the little guys and a trip to the super best bakery for a loaf of 'the day's' bread... it's the 20 kroner special.  then home, waiting for greg and company to arrive, picking the crumbs up from the day's bread that henry insisted we not wait for dinner to dig into.  we had one of greg's co-workers and his wife over for dinner.  he is danish.  she is spanish.  an interesting and, as i said, fun time, comparing three cultures, three economies, three political systems.  then a late bedtime for both guys, dishes, toys, and now chatting with greg in between sentences, and it is already 11:31 now, so here is the little, tiny postette i predicted.  happy friday!


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