Wednesday, January 2, 2013


if coming to stay with family across an ocean for two weeks is like stepping into a painting, then stepping out again and going home, is, for the family left behind, a realization of how much brighter the colors on the canvas now are, because they were here.

the only picture i took today, after an unsuccessful attempt to round up two boys for a picture of them with their grandparents...

oh well.  next time.


nina said...

Family departures remain (for me) hard. Even if the distance is less than an ocean and the visits are more frequent. The only consolation is that after a day or two, one adjusts. And looks forward to the next one down the pike.

greg|regan said...

It's true, Nina. But I haven't thought of it, at least not since coming to Denmark, that we adjust, and it only takes a day or two... so thank you for the reminder.