Thursday, January 3, 2013

fortune extended

after two weeks of non-stop indulging in the richer foods of life, in the sense of weight, or, perhaps, life experiences before getting to our table, and well, yes, cost, we made a simple lentil and kale soup for dinner, with yogurt, of course, because yogurt seems to accompany all our simple meals... 

and after dinner, when i stacked the dishes to the side of the sink to start washing them, i thought, so many dishes for one pot of soup?  but i think it was mostly the feeling that comes when faced with a tedious task on too little sleep.  the cost of not adjusting for the resumption of early mornings on the going-to-bed end.  it's hard to give up those precious evening hours when the house is silent of equally precious little voices, simply because you know you'll need the energy gained by sleep, for the tedious tasks that inevitably await you the following evening.

for that reason we were a bit slower getting out the door today.  our first day having to get out the door early since leaving germany on christmas eve.  i sort of expected the powers that be in charge of the weather to greet us with a cold blast of wind, or maybe dump some snow or cold rain on our heads when we walked out the door this morning, but they were kind.  kinder than i ever would have expected, and, had i just a bit of danish in my blood, rather than simply marrying into it, i might have gone without my mittens, or maybe even my hat.  but i'm not that brave on a january morning, even if it did feel like early march.  and our good fortune extended beyond the weather, when, having arrived at the guys' school with backpack and water bottle in hand, just in case there should ever be an unexpected field trip in the near future, william found himself completely prepared for today's unexpected field trip to the forest.  it was only later that i saw the missed call from his classroom-- very likely one of his teachers, calling to let me know they would be off, galavanting through the woods this day, and could he please remember to bring his backpack and his water bottle...

and now, as i write this, someone not too far away is shooting off, what i can only hope, is their last round of fireworks.  i'm growing tired of that noise, if i have not grown tired of it already.

may your night be restful... silent. and mine too.  goodnight. 

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