Wednesday, January 23, 2013

sick days

i think i'm going to institute (on this blog) one of the great policies denmark has to offer-- sick leave.  just for tonight.  maybe the next night or two.  just so we can all get enough rest to get back to normal.  our illnesses have been staggered, fortunately, but we are all in some state of sick or recovery.  except for henry.  he seems to be all better.  okay.  so, for you regular readers, just a day or two, then i'll be back.

to good health! 


martarubió said...

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nina said...

You're all better, right? Right?

I'm glad you had a little break here. You're more likely to continue writing if you have a chance to take occasional breaks.

BTW, here, it's cold, gray and everyone's sick.

greg|regan said...


Such fun to have a break! 9 years... how do you do it???

nina said...

I started blogging the year after my youngest one left for college! I cannot emphasize enough how different life is (not better, not worse, just different) when they move on.

The biggest challenge in the earliest years of the blog was finding WiFi when I traveled.

Now, as I get older, the biggest challenge is staying awake after dinner (which is when I usually write)!

You're in a different period in your life.

In answer to your question in the more recent post -- you could write every other day. Or, you could really make some posts so short that they wouldn't take more than a minute. Whatever makes you happy. Because if you're not happy writing, much as we love your posts, they'll become too big of a burden.