Tuesday, September 11, 2012


i was really counting on the rumors i'd heard, that yesterday and today were going to be the last days of summer.  and i guess if you consider chilly rains being part of a normal danish summer, then we did indeed have one more summer day here today, but i was unprepared, and got very, very wet.

but it was still a fun day.  katie's mom is in town for about 10 days and they came to roskilde today to see the domkirke (the cathedral where all the kings and queens are entombed), look at some shops, and of course eat lunch at the café with the best desserts... which is where i come in.  we ate lunch there and shared a gigantic piece of chocolate cake, then looked at some shops and found our way to a thrift store where i picked up two (more) tea candle holders and an apple peeler.  from there i made my way home in the rain, rainjacketless.  but it still worked.  everything worked out.  as it tends to do.  even riding your bike home in the rain is just riding your bike home in the rain.

a couple of pictures...

mom and daughter

if you look closely enough at this next picture, you might spot the little christmas present i picked up for the guys...

later, william and me reading from the book ben and me: an astonishing life of benjamin franklin by his good mouse amos... william was quite tickled at the picture of amos sitting inside the fur cap on top of ben's head holding 'stop' and 'go' signs for the bumbling benjamin...

greg is signaling it's colbert time, by turning it on and distracting me with it.  see you tomorrow!

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