Friday, September 21, 2012


fall is here in denmark.  it's feels lovely to be out on a bike right now or on a walk, with a smell of leaves that have fallen from the trees or smoke coming from someone's chimney (sometimes ours).  i even thought i smelled a newly carved pumpkin today, but i think my imagination must be getting the best of me.

it's such a cozy time of year.  all about getting cold, coming in, and finding warmth (and different from winter in that it's not about getting frozen, driving on icy roads, and then coming in and finding warmth). and appreciating that it's a strong enough season to keep those winter temperatures away for months, even though winter's so formidable.  at least in the midwest.  maybe not here.  but fall, they have in common.  i'm liking that about denmark.  summer, winter... even spring, are not matches, but fall is conjuring up all the wonderful feelings we have about this time of year.  maybe it's the best one to duplicate in our second home, if there's only one to choose.

and so i'm feeling like there's so much to love and appreciate about living here (even beyond the weather right now)... learning a new language, courteous drivers, reasonable work hours, daily exercise.  all good things.

i'm starting to feel like i'm catching up to my classmates, and even to greg a little bit, in danish.  i still realize i'm not there when i sit next to my au pair friend and she is able to nod her head and respond to everything the teacher says or asks, while i sort of look at the teacher blankly for 70% of her words. i'm also amazed when i come home with new words, only to find greg somehow already knows them, and also, his accent is a lot better than mine.

my module one test is scheduled for tuesday.  i still don't really feel prepared, but i feel a lot more prepared than i did just a couple weeks ago. so i'm not necessarily predicting i'll pass with flying colors, but it might not be the automatic failure i thought it might be when i started with this new class.

william got this sweet email tonight just before bed that made him laugh and smile, from his two best madison friends, which i think i will end with.  i forgot to send a copy of his reply to myself, but it was a cute, disjointed response to their questions and request for them to send him specific christmas presents.

here is their email, transcribed by oliver's mom...

Scene: Sonya and Oliver sitting at the lunch table. William comes up in conversation, so I ask if they're missing him today, and why yes! They are. I think being together makes them miss him. I offer to transcribe an email to you guys. It's raining outside. It's chilly and Oliver's feet feel like blocks of ice but he insists he's warm enough. (irrelevant details, included just to help paint the scene.)

O: Hi William!
S: Hi William! I really miss you!
O: William, Sonya is at my house right now.
S: William, please come to visit. I really miss you.
O: William, I miss you. I really want you to come visit. Cause I want you to see my fort.
S: And because I want to see you and I want you to come to my house and play sometime.
O: My fort has a white a tube in it. And my fort has some dress up clothes that's soft. It's behind the brown chair! You have to go over the brown chair and then you land on the floor with the white tube and the dress up clothes. No one can see us cause we're behind the brown chair!
S: I will show you the things in my classroom at school. William, what is your new classroom like at school in Denmark? 
O: William, I wish you could stay here forever. Cause I like to play with you.
S: William, you're my best friend! I remember you really love rocket ships.
O: William, I like you. I really like you. Why do you love rocket ships so much? Judey--you know Maeve's brother? Judey has a stomp rocket. They have this little tube that you jump on and there's this thing that [shots] the rocket off. The air goes out the hose and up the tube and shoots the rocket into the air! 
S: William I don't where you could get one, but I'll ask Judey.
(pause to eat a bite of pizza and a guzzle of milk)
S: William, what's your new house like?
(both kids have now finished eating, and off they go.)

Hope you are all well!
Kat, Oliver and Sonya

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