Friday, September 28, 2012

donna's story

okay.  before the month ends, i have to share something i've been reading and heartbroken over, for childhood cancer awareness month.

sheila quirke's story about her daughter, donna.  she's been posting about each of donna's 31 months of treatment everyday this month on huffington post parents.

heartbreaking and beautifully told and when she talks about her daughter being a light so bright, you can really see it, and also just how much cancer sucks, and how we need to support cancer research and support the people who are affected by cancer, which in all likelihood, is all of us, at some point.

so, please read it.


lael said...

Hi Regan
Thanks for posting about this to raise awareness. I can't read her blog at this point...too close to home at a time when I want to be in our moment of one year off treatment. But,I'll take this opportunity for a shout out to you guys: you and Greg were such an incredible support to our family during Rumi's cancer journey and I will always be grateful to your kindness and creative loving support. We miss you guys around here! xoxo Lael

nina said...

That was very, very hard. But so valuable to read, so thank you. Even though it really was almost too hard, knowing, as well, that a similar story is being played and replayed in too many homes all over the planet. Sigh...

greg|regan said...

Thanks Lael. Thanks Nina. Yes, so hard, almost too hard.