Saturday, September 1, 2012

you can dance

another saturday night, another teen party, right outside our door.  well, right outside our back yard fence at the neighbor's house.  earlier tonight there was a live marching band somewhere on our street, playing songs from abba and bon jovi, just to name a few.  i'm going to start raising a suspicious eyebrow when people claim to have never heard of our street.

meanwhile in this hopping household, i read more of my danish drama.  marie just broke it to henrik that she's pregnant.

greg and william finished power washing the house, making it look better, but not too good for all those prospective buyers out there.

henry basically stayed out of trouble today except that i caught him standing in the bathtub trying to turn on the hot water.  and he bit his brother.

here, from a race run in place of the normal saturday run...

william won.


nina said...

Send me their email. I need to have a word with them. Abba is so yesterday.

BTW, how did Henrik react??

The running pictures are the best!

Carol "Orange" Schroeder said...

I just received the link to your wonderful blog. When you get back to Madison, please stop by Orange Tree Imports to say hello. I have an MA in Danish Literature from UW, and am working on a book called Eat Smart in Denmark with my daughter (you can see our blog on
All my best,
Orange Schroeder

greg|regan said...

Hi Orange,

And I was just introduced to your blog today and realized that we were sort of connected up before I left. I was looking for an old email to send you a message, when I found your comment here! So, I'll still send it to you! Thanks for your comment.


And I would say Bon Jovi is too! If you read the most recent post, you saw that things are not going so well with Henrik and Marie.