Monday, September 17, 2012

tabasco tinderbox circus

so tired. so ready for bed. can i just post a few pictures of maybe our last meal outside before next spring, and then say goodnight?  

william putting tabasco sauce on my burrito.  the only thing resembling hot sauce we've been able to find...

otherwise it was a monday.

class, then homework city.

william was invited to a birthday party-- the whole class was invited.  do you recall-- the rule in denmark is-- you either invite everyone in the class or you invite everyone of the same sex in the class...  and spend no more than 30 kroner (about $5) on a gift.

henry's finding new (english... and maybe danish too???) words to say, with, sometimes, i think, a danish accent.

greg brought the bread and cheese to work today for the monday meeting.

burritos for dinner... as you know.

later, bath time for the guys.  it's funny-- you give a guy baths for the first year of his life, and then for the next six months give him nothing but showers, then put him back in a bathtub and his feelings about it are quite mixed.  he was really not sure about that first bath, clinging to us, like we were crazy to put him into a big container of water.  he's since warmed up to it for the most part, but doesn't understand the rule about sitting.  someday he'll forget that he even ever had a shower and he'll sit in the bathtub until his fingers are toes are all wrinkly.

then the h.c. andersen fairytales 'princess and the pea' which is a theme in william's classroom right now, and after that, 'the tinderbox' which isn't one i ever remember hearing and is a little bit crazy, like some fairytales are.

then bedtime for will.  "mama, can you sing me a circus song?"  (there was a person on a tightrope and a dog on a (little) tightrope and some geese on the little tightrope... cha cha cha cha cha.)

and now, bedtime for me!



nina said...

I love how you start tired... maybe a few photos (wonderful ones!) and then a thought comes and you just can't help yourself, you tell the story.

Meaning -- you are a natural story teller.

To your first book!

greg|regan said...

thanks nina!

just posting three photos seemed too easy.

Alicia Bosscher said...

Lou can't help but stand in the bathtub either! So what is the tune of this nice circus song? Did you make up the lyrics yourself? :)

greg|regan said...

i made up the tune, so it's gone from my head now. william helped with the lyrics. he sang a circus song to me until i was inspired enough to sing one to him. =)