Wednesday, September 12, 2012


on our way home today, william asked me why sweden was denmark's backyard and told me the danish word for chair and mom and dad and told me something which seems roughly to translate to, 'would you like to play legos with me?'  slowly, slowly, the danish is coming along.  he's also beginning to pick out (english) words, here and there, in books, mostly the same way he will learn danish-- seemingly spontaneously, without all the formal academics.  he seems excited by the idea that he is beginning to learn how to read and told me the other day that he's been just waiting for homework (after asking me what it was).

henry is like a little parrot at times and i think it must have something to do with hearing two languages.  changing his diaper today and saying "one more" (one more wipe), he would say, "one more" back to me, or when i say, 'gentle touches' as he tries to grab at flowers and he repeats back, 'gentle touches,' it seems as though he's imitating the sounds more than filing the words away in the little dictionary in his mind.

now, if i can wimp out a little bit tonight-- i'm so tired, yet so into my (non-danish) book, that i want to read just a little bit before falling asleep.

and i took no pictures today, so i scrolled down and picked a completely random shot-- well, completely random on the second try.  the first picture i randomly landed on was of the trucks the danish high school graduates ride around in after finishing school.  you've already seen that.  so here's my second attempt, apparently uploaded onto my computer on july 22nd.  funny we should be dressed for such cool weather at the end of july.


nina said...

I so understand the "I'm so tired..." words. Falling asleep over a post half written... oh yes.

And, therefore, I am all that much more grateful that you continue to write. I end my day with your posts. Thank you!

greg|regan said...

det var så lidt!