Monday, September 3, 2012

i forgot the time

the day was warm, never overcast.  one of many.  when did it rain last?  sometime when greg was in cancun.  tuesday.  and maybe not since then.  a streak to make you forget that days which start out beautiful don't always end that way, or if they end that way, they pour down rain, or they let it drop indifferently, somewhere in the middle.  because that's usually how it is here, and i can't help but anticipate its return, now that the calendar has turned over into september, with dry leaves on the ground... not many, but enough, to conjure up the scent of fall... and because, around here, streaks of warmth with no rain don't last long.  but we ate outside tonight, as we've often done since living here.  another mushpot.  not exactly a hit with the little ones, but not a complete rejection either.

today i finally finished the drama 'far' and will be starting the next one tonight, entitled, 'jeg glemte tiden' or, 'i forgot the time.'  henrik finally stepped up, you'll be happy to know.  it took the birth of his son and a week of pacing around the house to finally decide do it, but he did, and i knew he would, even though i said in my last post that i didn't think he would.  like william likes to say, "i was just trying to trick you."

also, when i said i was going to start 'jeg glemte tiden' tonight, well, i was just trying to trick you.  i think it's time for bed.


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