Thursday, September 20, 2012

cutlass in paws

i'm sitting under a blanket with a cold nose typing this.  we've resisted turning on our furnace (actually, boiler with forced air exchanger something or other) because it doesn't seem like we should already be doing that, plus i think we're a little nervous about all the dust it's going to kick up or burn up.  also we have the fireplace which works when we have a fire going in it, which we don't now, which is why i'm under a blanket and my nose is cold (though granted my nose gets easily chilled).

with some grit and perseverance i finally got through my one year in paris, aided significantly by this song, which i just can't seem to get enough of (as you already know if you are friends with me on facebook), and which i discovered here. 

and i packed up the cold weather clothes, too big for henry and too little for william, to bring to a classmate for her three year old son to wear.

and did laundry and hung it up outside and took it all down before i was finished because it began raining diagonally onto the clothing.

henry loved the tahini dressing on tonight's salad and lentil mushpot extraordinaire and william was absolutely not a fan of the dressing.  he has never been a boy who's liked tahini.

but, he was absolutely thrilled tonight when john paul jones' ship rats appeared at the palace of versailles just in time to beat off the white palace mice and win the big battle in 'ben and me.'

oh, and tomorrow is friday!  this was a fast week!


nina said...

Just so you know, that youtube clip made my day when you sent it and got me over a hump! BTW, here I have my daughter's wedding to go to in a couple of hours and I'm reading your blog. It keeps me sane! :)

greg|regan said...


Glad the video worked!

Have a great time at your daughter's wedding!

And-- ditto, with Ocean!