Thursday, September 13, 2012

one year in paris

went to copenhagen today to meet with my appointed career advisor...

don't worry, i didn't have a meeting with an empty chair.  i just got there early and took the picture.  

and read some of book three-- one year in paris-- with the help of a croissant et un café au lait... 

she arrived and we made to do lists.  "i'm not bored," i told her.  "i've never once been bored since moving to denmark."  (though i think my non-bored state predates our move by many years.)  she was trying to get at my motivation for finding work... my level and source.  and i gave her the best answer i could.  feeling useful is nice.  a bit more money for this household wouldn't be a bad thing.  but i'd want work that can be flexible enough so that i can continue with my danish lessons and drop off and pick up the guys at reasonable hours.  and i really would like to try editing.  and maybe writing english language 'easy readers' for grown-ups... inspired by such works as 'et år i paris' i could write something like, 'three years in denmark' for all of the parisians going over to the u.s., and they would sit at coffee shops, eating danishes, français-anglais dictionary in hand, imagining how they might one day write their own easy reader, 'trois ans à wisconsin'... their own readers sitting down to a beer and some sharp cheese... and then... well we're back to a year in paris i guess.  

and time for me to think about sleep.  

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