Friday, September 7, 2012

go fish


there was one time in my life, when i lived in california and i loved my job so much, that i looked forward to mondays more than fridays... and maybe i didn't care much that first week after having a kid when i didn't know what day was what, but i'm with the program now.

good news came out of danish class.  our teacher said something along the lines of, 'i know i told you the test was next week, but it's really not.  we're only deciding next week who's ready to take the test and then you fill out this sheet of paper and turn it into this person down in the office and that person assigns you a time to take the test a week or so after you turn in that piece of paper.'  okay!

and i got to practice my danish in a pizza place today.  the kind of place you avoid going to for six months because although it's called m's pizza, it also sells hamburgers and nachos and pitas and french fries and falafel wraps and fish sandwiches, but you go in today because it's friday and greg has a meeting in copenhagen until six and you think, pizza will be fun when it's just me and the guys on a friday night for dinner, and that's the only pizza place near you.  and the guy at the counter didn't speak english so i ordered in danish and while he ran over to the grocery store to get change for me, i thought about how much easier learning danish would be if everyone in denmark didn't speak english so well.  i am way less self-conscious about trying out my danish when there's a mutual lack of understanding.  i don't really know you're language, you don't know mine... but let's do our best.  but when someone can sort of giggle at my attempt to say something in danish and then answer back to me in english, i'm a little less brave to keep at it.  especially when the accent is so important and i am hopeless when it comes to the accent.

later, after greg came home, and henry went to sleep, i'm happy to say william sat and paid attention to the first twelve minutes of michelle obama's dnc speech...

and then he was ready to play go fish...

and now i'm just too entertained by these not to link to them: kid history episodes. oh, they're funny.

now, go enjoy your friday!  or get back to work! whichever it may be.

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