Wednesday, September 5, 2012

bodil's friday night

last week tuesday, if you recall, i was running late for class, crashed my bike (or, more myself), and arrived at something like 9:07.  tuesdays we have a different teacher than on mondays and fridays, by the way.  yesterday (tuesday), we woke up late.  were i to bring the guys to school, i knew i would be late again, thereby giving my tuesday teacher the impression that i am never on time.  so yesterday, greg took the guys to school.  but when he went to attach the burley to his bike, he realized his front tire was flat.  so he decided to run them to school and then run himself to work and back.  which he did.  maybe 13 kilometers or so.  but by the time he got into bed last night, his back was hurting him.  two weeks of not running at all and then one day with a couple of runs, pushing a burley up a hill or two, seems to have done something to it.  neither of us had a wonderful night of sleep and by morning his back was even worse than last night.  so he worked from home.  and i, social butterfly that i am, cancelled my two previous engagements in cophenhagen, and went to the super best and bought ibuprofen, and we both sat on the couch and did our work and i learned about antibodies and isotopes, but also about søren who scared his mother, bodil, to death when he was an hour late getting home from a party.  "jeg glemte tiden!" he told her.  my au pair classmate complained that the book was boring, but that may be because she doesn't have kids.

søren went to a party.  karen, his little sister went to a sleepover, leaving bodil with a night all to herself to eat pizza on the couch and watch a movie.  um, if that doesn't sound absolutely exhilarating to most people, then perhaps i haven't had one of those nights for the past four and a half years.  but 12 years from now, it will happen.  i'm going to eat pizza on the couch and watch a movie, just like bodil in my book.

and another thing-- sleepovers.  when i was a kid, asking my parents if i could sleep over at a friend's house, i was always nervous that the answer might be 'no' and so excited when it was 'yes,' and now i realize that the answer was probably always yes, because really, it's a win-win.  maybe not for the parents who just adopted another kid for the night, but for the send-off parents, yes, a no-brainer really.  at least, i say this now as a parent of two very dependent children (though i'm pretty sure william could handle things if the food were placed within his reach... and did i mention, very loved, and very much cared for children?), much too young to sleep over anywhere however, and living in a land with no cheap babysitters.  so meanwhile, i'm keeping my sights focused on that pizza and i am going to enjoy bodil's life in 'jeg glemte tiden' no matter how sorry people, with even a speck of a social life, feel for me.

in other news, henry took a nearly three hour nap at school today, and i'm realizing that it takes us about half the length of that day's nap to get him to sleep at night.  maybe i'm exaggerating, maybe it's a third.  but a three hour nap makes for a long bedtime.  the bedtime routine is a constantly evolving thing, but nowadays it involves singing, humming, rubbing his back, not rubbing his back, and finally just silence, waiting to hear his little snore.

and now, because we just realized it's possible... 'the daily show' online... with our fingers crossed that a little guy doesn't wake up before it's over.

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